Five things you need for the first snow of the season

Brian Feulner | BDN

Brian Feulner | BDN

WABI’s Todd Simcox¬†reported earlier today¬†that wintry mix would be coming to northern areas of the state Friday. This calls for festive music.

It’s obviously going to be a storm of biblical proportions, so you better prepare. Here are some very serious tips.

  • Get a Sam’s Club/BJ’s membership and buy literally every case of bottled water there

The water mains will probably freeze, so you’re going to need water. Make sure you’re the first one there or else it’ll all be gone. Skip going to Hannaford’s supermarket, because everyone else is going to go there.

  • Go to Marden’s and get batteries

Batteries are always really expensive, and you’re going to need a lot of them for your flashlights and radios during the storm. Marden’s always has the best deals, especially on batteries.

  • Order a pair of Bean Boots on They’re going to be back-ordered soon.

Make sure to get your order in early on L.L. Bean’s website, because they get back-ordered around the holidays. Or, you could just go to the outlet and find a pair for cheaper than retail.

  • Always keep a bag of cat litter and a shovel on your person

People say to keep these in your car if you get stuck, but what if you get stuck? Cat litter is essential to getting some traction under your Bean Boots.

  • If you’re driving, remember you should always try to go up hills very quickly

Use the video above as reference to what you should do in a snowstorm. Don’t try to find more gradual slopes. Just tackle the biggest ones.

It’s gonna be a big one, folks. Stay safe out there.